Display 2d texture in a 3d enviroment

Im about 2 months into learning through trial and error on javascript right now and trying to figure out how to display within a 3d game enviroment a 2d texture whenever I call it. An example of what I'm reffering to can be seen at the following link at approximately 2:34 in the video below. you can see an object display a "field of view" type of texture.


Can anyone answer or link me to a post that already covers this?

Any help would be much appreciated.


That's not really a texture (or least doesn't have to be). Just create a mesh in that shape, parent it to the character (or position it where the character is in every update), then point it toward the direction you want. Make sure it's just slightly above the floor level. You might want to put it into a different render layer to avoid having it clipped by other objects.