Display AppLovin Video Interstitial

For my game I want to display ads AppLovin banner and video ads.
At present I can able to get banner ads using following code.

	// initialize sdk
	AppLovin.InitializeSdk ();

	// show banner ads

Now I want to show video ads of AppLovin but can’t find any way to display. On created application, I found following message at video ads option.

Video ads unit are only available if you are using SDK version 5.1.0

Please give some suggestion to display video ads.

If you want to show interstitial follow.

public string SDKKey = "insert SDK here";
private bool wantShowApplovin;
void Start () {
                wantShowApplovin = true;
		if (SDKKey == "") {
			Debug.LogWarning ("Please input AppLovin SDK key to the ApplovinLoader game object.");

		} else {
			myApplovin = AppLovin.getDefaultPlugin ();
			myApplovin.setSdkKey (SDKKey);
			myApplovin.initializeSdk ();
			myApplovin.preloadInterstitial ();

void Update () {

               if (wantShowApplovin) {

		if (!ApplovinLoader.myApplovin.hasPreloadedInterstitial ()) {
		        myApplovin.preloadInterstitial ();
		} else {
			wantShowApplovin = false;
		        myApplovin.showInterstitial ();

			Debug.Log ("------------------------- Show AppLovin Interstitial.");

If your app is simple or you know how to make a app with app Inventor then you can use Online App Inventor like Makeroid, Thunkable or AppyBuilder. It is too easy to make apps using this App Inventor so If you Don’t know how to do it you can check Create App and Place Applovin Ads . By following this method your app will show Applovin Video Ads.