Display Array GameObject store in Simple JSON

Hello, please help me to convert simpleJSON database to display gameObject. I want to display PIC : 1

How to convert type string into GameObject ?

Simple JSON database,

    	ID: 1, 
    	CHAPTER : "Prologue",
    	BG : "Garage",
    	PIC : 1,
    	TXT: "Hello."

Charachter.cs Class

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using SimpleJSON;

public class characters : MonoBehaviour {
	JSONNode node;

	public GameObject[] charachter;

	void Start() {
		TextAsset cha = Instantiate (Resources.Load("dialog")) as TextAsset;
		node = JSON.Parse (cha.text);
             //What code do I use to call the charachter "PIC : 1"?

I think this is the way. I put the image in resource file and name it “1.png”

GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().sprite = Resources.Load<Sprite>(node[0]["PIC"].Value);