Display chinese character in android

I wrote an android app with Unity which includes some chinese characters char. It displays correctly on Unity when I change the encoding of the file to Unicode(UTF-16), but after uploading the file until android iphone the Chinese characters doesn’t show up anymore. What should I do to have the Chinese characters display correctly in android?

On handheld devices the fonts used in the game are converted in bitmap textures. I suspect that the font texture you have created is too large to fit on the mobile device and so nothing gets displayed. You might need to look at the the font texture and see what size it is. Possibly you will need to remove unused characters from the font. There are some changing coming in the next Unity release (3.4) that should make unicode fonts on mobile devices easier to use.

hi i need help in displaying chinese text on iphone. it works on the desktop but only with default font and nothing appear when build to iphone

In my case, using Unicode didn’t work.

What I did was using Custom Characters (under Character set) and manually adding each single character I wanted to use. You can find this under font “Import Settings” (shows on Inspector when you click on the font on your project).