Display compatibility between windows 7 and xp

I wrote a small Unity program on windows 7, without giving it too many display settings except enabling full screen and supporting all aspect ratios in the settings list.

It turns out that my app works well on windows 7 but with black borders at the left and right sides of the screen. The mouse cannot go across the borders. However, the view becomes squeezed when the app is installed on windows xp. It’s really full-screen, but a circle will become an ellipse. :frowning:

Is there anything I might have been missing, please? Thanks.

I had a similar problem.
In case u disabled that unity dialog which pop up on hit the exe, enable it and delete (or toggle to comments) all display code u made, at least to see if it works well.

In case u didnt disable it, ignore me :smiley:

Hope i was helpfull :smiley: