Display driver has stopped responding and restarted

sometimes when i use the scene screen in Unity 5.3.2 personal edition, my computer sais something like “Display driver has stopped responding and restarted” and then unity freezes for a while until it either starts working again or i end up restarting it. i’m using it on windows 10.
what can i do to fix it?

Seems like your graphics card is having an issue. Try updating the drivers for it. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling Unity.

This has nothing to do with unity.

The most common causes of this is from overclocking your GPU and/or PC.

If they are NOT overclocked, try updating drivers.

I also had this error for every 5 minutes. I repaired the driver with Driver Talent and reboot. The error never popped up again. So the possible reason of mine is the bad graphics driver.

I have a nvidia GTX 1080ti graphics card. I fixed this by turning off G-Sync. Haven’t had a crash since, whereas it was all the time within a couple of minutes of opening unity before that.