Display of Unity editor becomes incorrect.

I Updated Unity from 2017.1 to 2017.3.

Then display of Unity editor becomes incorrect.

(At the same time, I updated Windows. That may caused the trouble.)

A window are shown only in a part.

Except left upper part, there is nothing in unity editor window.

Buttons I can see are not enable. Nothing happens when I click mouse on these.

I can operate menus in the top bar.

When I open a new Window (e.g. menu > Window > Profiler) the window appears with partially white space as same as main window.

Only a start screen(windows for selecting projects) is normal.

Whichever project I choose, the Unity editor cause the problem like above.

Even when I choose projects which I used without the problem in the past.

There are no error message in the console and a log file.(AppData/Local/Unity/Editor.log)

My Environment:

  • Windows 10 Home (build 1709)
  • Unity 2017.3


  1. Uninstall Unity from Control Panel
  2. Delete C:/ProgramData/Unity by hand
  3. Get newest Unity Installer from
    official web page and install Unity
  4. Create new project
  5. The problem occurs

Restart Windows, Runing Unity as administrator and Updating DirectX End User Runtime didn’t solve this problem.

Before updating, the Unity was abel to be used at normal.

For now, though I installed Unity 2017.1 again, the probjem happens too.

After re-installing Unity, a arrangement and position of each window(e.g. Inspector, Hierarchy, Project, and so on) is same as before.

Is there any data I should delete before install?

I can do nothing without development environment.

I would appreciate if you could give me any ideas.


I can find a solution for the problem by myself.

  1. Open Unity.exe properties
  2. Go to Compatiobility mode
  3. Clicked “Change highDPI settings”
  4. Checked the box “Override high DPI
    Scaling behavior.Scalled performed

I apologize to you for a fuss over.