Display problem after build to Anroid - SOLVED

I don’t know how to say so I just put some screenshots of my phone running game about the problem.
It still look OK when I play it on Editor, but when I build it to my android phone, it went wrong. Just happen today. Before today it still work fine when I build it to my android phone.
It used to this, and I want it to be like this.
Gameplay on my phone before

and today

I don’t know what happens, so hope you guys get it and help me. My English is not good, so sorry if I make any grammar mistakes or something.

I had the same problem recently. Have you imported anything which came with it’s own manifest file?

Not yet, I still stuck with that. I first thing about images that imported to Assets, but it’s not, all of them was set to point (no filter). I really confuse.