Display several paragraphs of text

At the start of each level in my game I need to display 3 paragraphs of text in sequence, and I’m not certain which elements to use. The GUI Text seems to be single-line only, and GUI.TextArea seems to be for accepting input, not displaying it.

Is there a standard method for this? If someone could point me to some tutorials on the subject I’d be really appreciative!

This doesn’t work with "

if you have in your script a public variable that you initialize in the editor with a text “patati
patata”, it won’t work !

This works with "

Set up your text directly in your script :

private string text = "patati 


the "
" will work in this case

I just noticed that few weeks ago

I use GUI.Label

Use "
" to start a new line. I also believe you can configure it to autowrap