Display text when touching the ground two times?

So i am making my first game , its something like 2d volleyball .

I’ve made it so when the ball touches the ground it displays a text to restart the game.
What i want to do is to display the text when it touches the ground Twice.

This is the script.

	public bool groundContact = false;
	public Transform ball;
	private float groundRadius = 0.6f;
	public LayerMask groundLayer;

	public GUIText RestartText;

	void Start ()
		RestartText.text = "";

	void FixedUpdate ()
		groundContact = Physics2D.OverlapCircle (ball.position, groundRadius, groundLayer);

		if (groundContact) 
			RestartText.text = "Press 'R' to Restart";

Why don’t you just keep a count of how many times it hits the ground, and if its 2, display the message?

int contactTimes;

void Start(){

void FixedUpdate(){

    if(contactTimes == 2){
       //display message