Display UI under the actual "Gameplay"?

Hey there!

I want to display a large score-counter in the middle of my scene. However, I notice that my GameObjects are moving underneath the Score-counter. At this time, I want to reverse that, but I didn’t found any “Sorting-Layer” option in the UI Elements.

I would be grateful for some help!

I dont understand exatly what you mean… its a 2d game? Must the score panel move with the camera? And you want it under the game gameobjects? Then you can make a new canvas and set ta high number for the distance from the camera.


you can choose if you’re using sprite renderer what object is in front.

for example:

  • counter: Order in Layer: -1
  • rest: Order in Layer : 0

if you want to change order in layer of the counter:

getComponent<SpriteRenderer>().sortingOrder = 1 //if in front
getComponent<SpriteRenderer>().sortingOrder = -1 //if in back.

HI @AnishsUsername

I’ll assume you are using the current UI System, and not the legacy IMGUI system.

Some options:

Create a canvas.

A. Make the Canvas a World Space Canvas.

Then just place it behind your sprites, in front of your playfield.

B. Or alternatively, set your Canvas to “Screen space - Camera”.

Then push the Plane distance behind your sprites. This might be easier.