Displaying a Custom Shader rendered to RenderTexture

Is it possible to test an app that has rendertexture being displayed on a UI gameobject rawimage - in editor in polyspatial 1.2.3?

this has thus far led to the remote freezing. the solution has been to set that ui gameobject to the polyspatial hidden layer - but that means not being able to display render texture in game

Hello, I am trying to use this approach to ray march volume render an effect similar to this in MR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXYOlXVRRL8

I can generate two accurate looking render textures for each eye but I fail to understand how to combine these to generate the desired effect. I am not sure how to extract the depth information from these and how to use this depth information. Could someone please explain this part of the approach.

Thank you :slight_smile: