Displaying a letter on screen

Hi, i have one question . How to show a letter on the screen (like it was in slender). I know how to “take” a letter from the ground ( i just made a script to press “f” and then destroy gameobject and add point page1 += 1 then script check if page1= 1 ) and after that to show my letter on the screen. how to do it?

You could have it as a GUITexture that is disabled until picking it up. Then it shows on screen on top.

// Drag all letter objects here. You can also use an array.
public GUITexture letter1, letter2, letter3;
Dictionary <string, GUITexture>dict = new Dictionary<string, GUITexture>();
GUITexture guiActive;
void Start(){
   //Put all GUITexture with a name in the dictionary 
   // Disable them all
void Update(){
   if(guiActive != null && Input.GetKeyDown(Keycode.R)){
      guiActive = null;          
void OnCollisionEnter(Collision col){
   if(col.gameObject.Tag == "Letter"){
         guiActive = dict[col.gameObject.name];

Use the name to store them in the dictionary like this:


It needs to be tried though…pressing R will close the GUI.