displaying data in gui from a webpage (c#)

hi, is there a clean and easy way for a simple minded n00b like myself to retrieve values from a web page and display it in a GUI.Box

for example if a player has x amount of ingame cash how would you retrieve it from a webpage containing the information, i understand there probably is more to it, like how the data is arranged on the webserver, im just trying to learn how the interaction would work, im extremely new to c# and im trying to learn, so please be patient if i ask a probably stupid follow up question.

im kind of looking for someway to retrieve the value off this webpage for example http://www.sunball.co.uk/

Use WWW to get the data from the web server, then write some code to mine the values from the text that is returned. If you own the server, then write the page using PHP or something like that, and format the returned page in a way that makes it easy for you to process. (The sunball page you linked is pretty complicated to read in code.)