Displaying Mathematical Equations

Is there a way to display mathematical equations in a manner in which we would naturally write them or see them displayed in books (fractions, radicals, integrals, etc...)?

I have the need to display physics equations along side regular text for an application I am developing. Readability is paramount. Writing equations in a single line of text with parenthesis, slashes, etc is not acceptable.

If necessary, I would be willing to display the equations as an image file, but would prefer a text or MathML-esque solution.


Just my 2c:

There must be some reusable embeddable LaTeX or MathML rendering engine somewhere that you could use.

If Java was an option, I'd go with JEuclid http://jeuclid.sourceforge.net/ but since you need to integrate it with Unity, I'm not sure what to suggest.

Good luck

Use a font with the appropriate symbols; probably you will have to fiddle with manually positioning overlapping labels to get the formatting to look right.