Displaying metadata/user defined properties?

3ds max models have a property called User Defined Properties (visual enterprise author calls it MetaData). Is there a way to have unity display the values that are in this property or am i just going to have to create a text script for each item and re-enter the values? I tried googling and scripting reference but my search-fu must be weak :frowning:

You have to use an AssetPostProcessor script that implements the OnPostprocessGameObjectWithUserProperties method. Unity will automatically call that method when a model with user properties is imported / reimported.

What you do with that meta data is up to you. Either your AssetPostProcessor does some modifications based on that meta data, or it might attach a MonoBehaviour component to the imported model and you copy the meta data into that script. That way you can β€œstore” the metadata (or just a relevant portion) directly with the imported model for later use.