Dissolve Shader Problem

Hello there,
I am trying to write a dissolve shader. The shader works fine with the unity primitives (cube, capsule, sphere…) but unfortunately it is not working with imported meshes (tried .obj and .fbx) even if it’s a cube or a sphere too. The complete mesh disappears when i change the dissolve amount. I haven’t found anything special in the import settings about this.

Any ideas?


Sounds like a UV Issue… If it works for the standard Unity primitives, then it should work for any model.
So it sounds like a UV Issue… Either UnWrap your model, or apply a UVW Map to the object.

Believe it or not, the Unity Primitives are already Unwrapped. So this explains why it would work for them and not a traditional regular model.

You didn’t mention anything about Unwrapping or UVW Maps, so that’s why I believe that’s what this may be.