Distance function

This might be a silly question. Possibly over thinking this. I was recently looking at the unity documentation and when looking up distance it says Vector3.Distance is a static function. They give an example like this. var dist = Vector3.Distance(other.position, transform.position); So that makes sense. Then I was looking at the raycast function with a RaycastHit type and distance is used like this Distance = hit.distance; Anyway now it seems like its being used as a variable. So am I correct in my thought. It reminds me of how people say that vector 3 is a variable type but can be used as a class.

Vector3.Distance is a static function that calculates the distance between two points you specify.

Each RaycastHit has a distance field representing the distance between two particular points (the origin of the ray and the point of contact).

One is a function which calculates distance, the other is some data which is the result of a distance calculation. Both use the word “distance” because they’re associated with the idea of distance, but they’re otherwise separate items in code.