Distance Joint 2D with Kinematic Player

I’m making a 2D Platformer. The current goal is to implement a grappling hooker. The Player object has a Rigid Body 2D attached to it, with Body Type = Kinematic.

  • When I add the Distance Joint 2D to the Player, the joint doesn’t work as expected: it doesn’t pull the Player;

  • When I change the Player’s Rigid Body 2D to Body Type = Dynamic, the Joint works as expected;

  • However, the whole physics is done using Kinematic objects, I’d like to keep it that way

The question: how to make Distance Joint 2D (or other types of 2D joints) work with Kinematic Objects?

Hey, did you solve the probleme by any chance? I’m having the excat same problem…

Posting for whoever finds this. Once you have set up your joint, tick off “Auto Configure Connected Anchor”. Apparently, that updates at runtime as well.