Distance joint elevator can't lift objects

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make a little 2D game where a guy is in a nacelle and must move right and left to avoid falling objects. To do so, the player must rise or low the sides of the nacelle and the character, which have wheels, will automatically move to the lower side.

I use 2 Distance Joint 2D on each side of the nacelle. Here is the result :

This works fine.

But, when I’m adding a character on the nacelle, the joints can’t lift the object.

It’s like my character is far too heavy. I have read somewhere that Distance Joints are using addForce to reduce the distance, so I tried to increase the mass of the nacelle hoping it would increase the lifting force. But it didn’t change anything.

I also tried to use multiple HinjeJoints like in this tutorial : Dynamic Rope in Unity - Rope Physics Part 2 - YouTube

Same problem, the hinjeJoints are torn apart.

Maybe I miss a big point.

Thanks for the help!

I found a solution by using SpringJoints with a Frequency of 0 instead of DistanceJoints.
For some reason, SpringJoints can lift objects easier than DistanceJoints.

I was sure to have tried this one week ago :frowning: