distance script not working!!!

i have this script:

    var box : Transform;

function Update () {

    var dist : float = Vector3.Distance(box.position, transform.position);
    if(dist <= 20){
        GetComponent("veahcle script 3") enabled = true;
        GetComponent("veahcle script 3") enabled = false;

it says on the 2 get component lines that i need 2 insert ; at the end... but there r... HELP ME!!!! thanks in advance :)

You appear to be missing a period between the GetComponent call and the "enabled = true".

GetComponent("veahcle script 3").enabled = true;

(Note that there are safer ways to write this, but if the component with the given name is guaranteed to exist then it should work. If you spell it differently here then there will be no component found, and you'll get a runtime error.)