Distinguish whether my Unity (Mac) is activated as Pro version or still in 30-day trial?

Dear the Unity community,

I've previously downloaded Unity 3.1 and installed it in my Mac, and came to realize that there's this 30-day trial still inactive. So I proceeded ahead and got the licence for free 30-day trial. Now I see the option for building on iOS enabled.

The websites say that there's no limitation on the trial, and I thought it would be exactly the same. I then purchased Pro with iOS and activated it, but I didn't see any noticeable difference and I am now still not sure if I did successfully activated my copy...

Can somebody please tell a difference or a way to differentiate between activated Pro + iOS and the free 30-day Pro trial ??

Thanks in advance. Regards. Joy

If you have a program you can normally check the version of it by looking at it's "About this program" window, this is the same for Unity. On mac you start unity and go up to Unity->about Unity and at the bottom of that window you can check which versions of Unity you are currently using.

You could try publishing an iOS example.. If it says Trial on the published program, then it's apparently still a Trial.

(Editorial Comment: Oh how I wish I could just "purchase full + iOS" "for the heck of it" instead of waiting till I absolutely need it - i.e., when I work on a project that absolutely needs pro features.)