Distorted Camera in Landscape Mode

Hello MARS community,

I am currently building a body-tracking app for Iphone that I mirror onto a big vertically mounted flatscreen via an Apple AV Adapter. The end result should be a sort of DIGITAL MIRROR INSTALLATION, where you can see yourself on the big screen and try on different clothes via hand gestures.

To achieve the mirror effect (left hand up in front of the screen = right hand up in the app), I've created a render texture X FLip and used it as the Target Texture for the MARS Main Camera.
I then created a plane with a new material X Flip Material and put it in the sceen above the simulation environment.
Finally I created a second camera X Flip Camera that only films the render texture.

On my TV however my phone is displayed as portrait on landscape. I want it portrait on portrait! I've rotated the TV 90 degrees to the left, but there is no setting on the TV to flip the image as well. So I am left with this result:

My solution was to build the app in landscape. It worked fine in the simulator. But on my phone the image is distorted. Only in landscape mode however. When I rotate the phone to portrait the distortion is gone.

Does anybody have an idea how to fix it?

I'm not fully sure but I think these steps may help you in solving your problem:

  • Check TV Settings: First, check if there are any settings on the TV itself that might allow you to rotate or flip the image to match the landscape orientation.
    • Adjust Aspect Ratio/Viewport Settings: If the distortion occurs only in landscape mode on the phone, adjust the aspect ratio or viewport settings in your app to ensure proper rendering. Discrepancies between rendering settings and device orientation can cause distortion.
  • Inspect Camera Projection Matrix: Examine the camera's projection matrix. Look for any discrepancies or misconfigurations in the camera setup that might be causing the distortion in landscape mode.

  • Seek Community Support: If the issue persists, seek assistance from the developer community or forums for your development environment or platform. Others may have encountered similar challenges and can provide insights or solutions.

  • Experiment and Iterate: Try different adjustments and configurations based on feedback and insights gathered from steps 1-4. Iterate on your solution until the distortion issue is resolved.

  • Test Thoroughly: Once adjustments are made, thoroughly test the app in landscape mode on various devices to ensure that the distortion is indeed resolved and that the digital mirror installation functions as intended.

  • Document and Share: Document the solution and any insights gained throughout the troubleshooting process. Share your findings with community to contribute to collective knowledge and help others my boy apk facing similar challenges.

Following these steps should help in resolving the distortion issue in landscape mode and ensure the smooth functioning of your digital mirror installation.