Distorted Model

I am new to Unity but I’ve been working with Blender for almost 6 months now, for school purposes my classmates and I are going to make a game project. Today I decided to check out Unity and Import our 1st Model, unfortunately I met this problem. My Model seems to have been stretched or inflated as opposed to what it should really look like.

The car is supposed to look like the one in Blender but I do not understand why it turns smooth when i upload it into Unity3D

That’s likely from smoothing, when normals are used to make hard edges look softer. You can turn it down or off entirely in the import settings menu under the model tab. Play around with the Normals and Tangents section until you find a setting you like.


I have had similar problems before, and have tried this:

  1. Go to the player model that you imported from Blender, in your Project pane
  2. In the Inspector, it should have your Import Settings
  3. Click on the Model tab
  4. Find the Normals & Tangents section
  5. Select Calculate for both Normals and Tangents
  6. Click on any other tab like Rig or Animations
  7. Finally click Apply in the dialog box

There is probably a better way, but I think that this should work fine…

Hope that helped, and if it didn’t just let me know :).