Distorted World

5087354--799067--1_2_5.jpg 5087354--799070--150.jpg 5087354--799073--21.jpg 5087354--799076--106.jpg 5087354--799079--123.jpg 5087354--799067--1_2_5.jpg 5087354--799070--150.jpg 5087354--799073--21.jpg 5087354--799076--106.jpg 5087354--799079--123.jpg Hello Unity Forum!

My name is Alexander Sidorov.

I apologize for my English in this article, because I use a Google translator to write.

I'm currently working on a first-person shooter game called Distorted World.

This project was created in Russia and became the first for me.

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Looks nice at this moment, good luck :slight_smile:

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"Good" is not enough in my opinion. You did everything by yourself and the result is just amazing. Your game is not the kind of game I would play but you have my complete support.

(I am myself working on my first game where I also do everything; I even plan on making music and sounds for it, which is something I have never done before!)

Keep up the good work! :smile:

Thank you!

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Looks like a lot of work has gone into this project! Good luck!

Thanks a lot. I will try very hard. Not enough global effects yet. Arrows do not work correctly. The plot in proccess. All locations are made, but require improvements. If there are suggestions that you can add, I will be glad to listen))

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Hello Unity Forum!
Finally I finished the game. All is ready. There is a release on Steam.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the creators of Unity and the people who make assets for asset storred. Nothing would have happened without you. This is my first game. I have not done any games before.

This project took me 3 years. I did the whole project myself from start to finish.

More screenshots…

Official website http://distortedworld.ru/

6856256--798974--Distorted World искаженный мир 41.jpg
6856256--798980--Distorted World искаженный мир 88.jpg
6856256--798983--Distorted World искаженный мир 256.jpg
6856256--798986--Distorted World искаженный мир 291.jpg
6856256--798989--Distorted World искаженный мир 6.jpg


This is the first video game I’ve made. Before that, I did not take part in the development of any game, both independently and in a team. Having received IT education in 2007, I have never worked as a developer. I was a network admin, engineer, builder, but never a developer. It took me three years to work on this project, from self-study from scratch to the release of the game in the form in which you see it now. During this time, I independently learned the process of creating computer games, from 3D modeling to writing software codes. Perhaps someone will say that I did many things wrong and will be right, but I just followed my own path, which I paved for myself, relying on logical thinking. I have never worked in any game studio before and do not know the correct process of creating computer games. The development of this game took me a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, many things didn’t go as smoothly as they wanted. The main part of the time was taken up by the process of optimization and elimination of errors with all its ensuing consequences. I had to cut out 4 huge ready-made levels due to the inability to optimize them to the desired FPS. During the development process, the easiest thing was to come up with the plot and layout of the game levels. There was not enough time for anything. I still had to earn money.

I spent about $ 1000 on this project. The entire amount was spent on purchasing assets. I drew the main geometry of the levels myself, and made secondary content with third-party paid and free assets. I wrote all the software myself and then reworked it many times, finished it, substituted crutches. I want to express my deep gratitude to close people who have supported me all this time, namely: my wife Anya, my parents, the parents of my wife and my friend Victor. I want to express my deepest gratitude to the people who developed the assets that I used in my project. Also, thanks to bloggers who produce videos on game engines and 3D modeling programs. Thanks to those people who just left positive comments and those who criticized my project in a good way. Criticism is always necessary at the stage of project implementation, when something can still be fixed. Also, I especially want to thank the developers of Blender and Unity3d. Without such a strong software, nothing would have happened. If I can collect the necessary amount from the sale of this game, then I will do the second part. The second part will already be much better. Having the money, I will be able to purchase high-quality 3D models, order texture atlases for artists, buy spectacular special effects and other tasty features. To those who have read, respect and thank you for your attention)))).

I dedicate this game to my daughter Sophia.

Best regards, A. A. Sidorov

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Congrats! I wish you all the best with the release of your game

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Thanks a lot.

Me too! :slight_smile:

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New screenshots