Distortion Effect (Free Unity)

Been looking this up for sometime now, and I found a lot of other post on this like how to
Heat Distortion or Distortion Ripple, but with no luck on how would one make this. I know that you need to make a Shader and I’m slower learning this. What I need help with is this.

(1) Can anyone point me in the right direction on how would one do this.

(2) What shader code would I need, (not asking for the code) just want to know a start.

(3) Would I need anything else to make this effect?

Plz help, I been really wanting to make this and I just can’t make it work.

Look at this one example. Seems there is no restrictions:

Programming shaders is pretty hard, you can take a look at the following guides:


I wish you the best of luck!

Look into cubemap-based refraction. It may not give you the exact effect you were hoping for but it’s a good place to start.

Shader programming is hard. It will take you some time to learn, but is worth it.

This is a good reference that I found helpful….