Distortion / flickering camera effect


First of all, I have searched for many days about this question, but I haven’t found nothing (or haven’t used the right “keywords”). :confused:

I’m trying to achieve an distortion/blur/tilt/flickering camera effect when some event is triggered by the player. The effect looks like this (when the light starts flicking):

Or when you spot the Slenderman in Slender: The Arrival (not the “screen noises”, the shaking/distortion effect):

But really, I don’t know where to start, I mean, which post-processing effects or “camera transform changes” I need to use to achieve this effect, or something like that.

Someone can help with this question?


You could possibly, maybe, achieve a similar effect by having multiple cameras near eachother, and then quickly swapping between them, showing a few frames from each camera.

I don’t know much about this, but I do know that these kinds of camera effects are not available in the free version of Unity3D.

I have been told, though, that you could potentially place a texture in front of the camera, and have it be instantiated due to some event, but I dismissed it as ‘a bit of a waste of time’.

I’d rotate the camera to a random direction a little each frame, while applying the camera motion blur effect. Nothing fancy going on there…