Distortion Shader does not render transparent objects (Shader Graph)

I’m trying to achieve a distortion shader to use along with my other particle systems.

The shader itself appears to be working fine by itself, but the main issue is that it does not render any sort of transparent geometry/mesh/particle. Any clues on how to solve this issue?

I’ve uploaded screenshots of the main part of the shader, and also a .gif link to help you guys visualize it. The materials that dissappear are using both custom or standard tagged as transparent. The other ones that don’t disappear are using custom shaders tagged as opaque.

I"ve already enabled render depth and opaque texture on the graphics pipeline.
Using unity 2020.1.0f1 Universal RP

As the name indicates, the distortion is done on camera opaque texture. URP grabs the color after rendering all opaque objects, then proceeds with drawing whatever that comes after. It is not what the default pipeline grab pass is, it is just a replacement to grab pass that does not fully cover the full functionality of grab pass.

@revolute I’ve messed around in the custom rendering settings a bit but it doesn’t seem to work in this case particularly. I tried every single event (such as “render after transparent”) for the shockwave layer/effect and it still doesn’t work. As you said (and I also checked the documentation) the Scene Color node (in URP) returns the value of the Camera Opaque Texture, that means it does not ‘read’ the transparent textures, am I right? Is there anyway I can override this opaque pass and add the transparent pass along?