Distributing Unity plugins

Is it possible in unity to open source the game without distributing the source code of third-party plugins used?

For eg; I am using 2dtoolkit (purchased) for my game and want to make the game open source, if I understood correctly I have to put 2dtoolkit (which is no more but a bunch of code files) along with my game’s source code. This means distributing the software that I bought for free :). I have no intention of doing it and looking a way around it.

I could list 2dtoolkit as a dependency but it’ll be more convenient if I can put it up as a complete package so anyone can download and have with it.

Does anyone have any input on this?

Yeah it’s a nightmare to opensource things which contain other things :slight_smile: My Unity Serializer project got dropped from the Asset Store for a while because it contained an open source module that has a different licensing agreement to the one that Unity allow!

You are stuck if you’ve made a game using 2DTK then you will have to not include it in the source version of the build and tell people they need to obtain a license.