dividing terrain into grid cells

I want to make a city builder so I want to permanently divide my terrain with a grid, in which each cell has a unique x,y coordinate.how can I do this?

Also I would like each cell to have different properties like different kinds of zones, commercial residential etc. so to apply these I guess I ll also have to treat each cell of the terrain like a different object with different properties. I have no idea how to do this either anything to get me started?

terrains are grid based in their nature but if you want to have special properties for each gread maybe you should place a special GameObject on top of each cell. descripbe your problem more specific to get better answers.

The scope of your question is large,and such you should begin by really planning out what you want. It's a good idea at that stage to get paper and pencil out and really start outlining the assets you will need. I imagine you will need scripts for the city objects you build plus you need graphic assets to represent the various objects.