Division in loop not working

I am trying to spawn 3 GameObjects around another GameObject with equal spacing between them. So far I have this:

var i : float;
	for(i = 0; i < 3; i++){
		var rot : float;
		var spawnPos : Vector3;
		rot = ((i+1/3) * (Mathf.PI * 2));
		spawnPos = new Vector3(5*Mathf.Cos(rot) + transform.position.x,
		5*Mathf.Sin(rot) + transform.position.y,
		var g : GameObject = Instantiate(gunPreFab, spawnPos, Quaternion.identity);		 

The variable “i” is being increased every loop cycle, however, “rot” never becomes anything other than zero. I am not sure at all why this is occurring.

Try this:

rot = ((i+1.0/3.0) * (Mathf.PI * 2.0));

You were doing integer division.