DLSS binaries now ship with all Windows builds regardless if you use it

This is actually one of these "by design" things atm. Case IDs #1352619 and #1332465

Basically what happens now is that when you do any Windows x64 build, you will get 15 MB of Nvidia DLL's on your build regardless if you enabled the Nvidia module for HDRP's DLSS support or not. This happens on all Windows builds atm, including projects not using Nvidia module, DLSS or HDRP.

This means you'll get these extra DLL's also on projects that use built-in renderer or URP despite DLSS not being supported on them.


Thanks for bringing this to light. I started discussion internally to try to change the design :).


The bug was reactivated as there was some confusion about what was wrong. That kind of size regression is unacceptable for projects that don't need it. I've also marked the bug public so it should appear shortly in the issue tracker: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/product/unity/issues/guid/1332465/