Do a smaller object type than int exists?

I’m making a binary save-file for my game, and I actually need to save an HUGE amount of integers. Those values goes from 0 to 618, so a 2 bytes integer would be more than enough.

When I write an integer into a file using “System.IO.BinaryWriter” it occupies 4 bytes. Is there a way to use the half of it? Even because most of it are zeroes. (Maybe using a different type, I don’t know…)

I know that a data type called “binary” exists, but Google doesn’t really wants to help me, nor even Unity’s documentation.

I would approximately reduce the weight of my files by a factor of 2, and that’s a lot actually!

Google works fine… Any search engine would work as well.

C# Reference - sizeof

C# Reference - Data Type Ranges

BinaryWriter Class

You can use the “short” integer type (also known as Int16), which uses 2 bytes – which is supported by System.IO.BinaryWriter