Do any Unity Editors run native on M1 macs?


Do any of the Unity streams (2019.x, 2020.x, 2021.x) run natively on M1?

Does anyone know if they will bring this to all the LTS versions, or just a new one like 2021, or 2022.

I was actually looking for the same for months and a couple weeks ago found out that there was an official release for Apple Silicone version - 2021.2.0.

It had a couple bugs, but lucky for you the 2021.2.3 has just arrived on November 18th. In fact, you can download the Silicone version for all of them up till 2021.2.0

Here’s the link for newest one Unity 2021.2.3 - Just download the Unity Editor (Apple silicon)


  • Download the Unity Editor (Apple silicon) from the attached link,
  • Install the .pkg.
  • Open your Unity Hub → Installs →
    Locate → Locate your Unity App in
    your Applications folder
  • It will
    automatically update your installed
    versions list with that version

You might also want to delete the Intel version of the editor first if you have it installed.