Do anyone know this error message?


sorry for re-posting, but it looks like my last post had some kind of errror. Anyways it is still about if anyone know what to make of this error message:

m_ActiveFather->m_Version > version

wild ass guess.

there is a version mismatch between the the expected version and the actual version of something.

Perhaps your code requires an older version of unity or hasnt been recompiled for an updated version or something.

Did you recently update unity to unity 4?

it seems to think the version of the actual active object is greater than the version of something else. It’s definately a version mismatch but what exactly is mismatched beyond a vague idea that it has something to do with OnGUI i’m not sure.

If I had to take a wild guess, you updated or someone updated to unity 4. took code and compiled it for unity 4.

you then opened that code in unity 3 and it cant be reversed and you need to update this unity your using to unity 4.

Your almost certainly using 2 different versions of OnGUI and it won’t allow it.

I’ve encountered the same issue with Unity 4.0.1. Builds for webplayer and standalone with error during compilation and instable build when playing. Going back to 4.0 solved the problem. No error anymore and clean builds.