Do blob shadow projectors work on iPhone?

I am using the following code;

public var followObject: GameObject;

private var myOffset: Vector3 = Vector3(0,0,0);

function Awake() {
	if (followObject) {
		myOffset = transform.position - followObject.transform.position;

function LateUpdate () {
	// make sure the position matches the parent
	if (followObject) {
		transform.position = followObject.transform.position + myOffset;

This is then in turn linked to empty game object with the projector component. The projector material is set to Particles/Multiply, the texture is set to Clamp.

The Projector component is Orthographic and 1 unit in size, pointing down.

I get visual errors in the simulator, editor, device. Simply displays the shadow projected in all directions. The project follows my gameObject fine, the projection is not updated though.

Anyone had luck with blob shadow projectors on iOS?

look at this link:!-Blob-Shadows-Flickering-on-iPhone