Do both I and my client need a license to Unity Store Assets?

I want to make sure I understand the Unity Asset Store EULA (found here: Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA).
Let’s say I’ve purchased an asset from the store to use in my own game projects. Then I get a client who wants to hire me to work on a game for them, and I want to use the aforementioned asset in this game made for hire. According to section 2.4, is it correct that (1) either I or my client would need to purchase the asset again in order to use it for their game? Or (2) is my own purchase of the asset sufficient, and they would only have to purchase it themselves if they wanted to later hire somebody else to work on it that didn’t already own the asset?

Also, does the answer change depending on whether the asset is an unrestricted, restricted, or editor extension asset (see sections 2.2.1, 2.2.2, and 2.3.2, respectively)?


Just found this in the Unity Knowledge Base that I had missed before:

In short, the client would need to own a license for each asset included in the game being made for them.