Do high performance sockets provide benefits in non-native environments?

I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding networking with C#, and I had decided to use SocketAsyncEventArgs as the client and server platform.

Then I got to thinking, when unity deploys to other platforms such as web or phone, are there going to be analogous networking API?

Am I going to maintain the benefits mentioned in MSDN?

The main feature of these enhancements is the avoidance of the repeated allocation and synchronization of objects during high-volume asynchronous socket I/O. The Begin/End design pattern currently implemented by the System.Net.Sockets.Socket class requires a System.IAsyncResult object be allocated for each asynchronous socket operation.

Or is this only going to benefit me in an .Net environment?

You could use build in UNet C# async wont work out of the box becausr unity is single thred…in other words you wont be able yo interact with editor and game…and you will have a hard time with while loop