Do humanoid models have to be in T-pose?

My modeller is asking me whether the humanoid model he’s making has to be in the T-pose for Unity, and I’m not sure. Currently the model is in an arms-by-sides type of pose.

  • What difference does T-pose or not make?
  • Does Unity do some things automatically or not depending on it?
  • Does it only matter for mecanim?


For Mecanim, your character does not have to be in t-pose. As far as I know, if you’re using Mecanim, there’s no advantage or disadvantage to your character being in t-pose.

If you plan on using Mecanim, the most important thing is that you give your bones intelligible names . The automapping will do a pretty good job of matching your bones to its standard bones if you name them well. From there, it should be able to figure out how to rotate those bones to get your character into t-pose.