Do I deploy to a Microsoft Surface RT tablet using Windows Store or Windows Phone 8?

My first day on this and I am (clearly) confused.

Any help appreciated.


To deploy to a Microsoft Surface RT you need target Windows Store from Unity, which will create a Visual Studio project folder for you. You can open this with Visual Studio Express for Windows (free), or the Pro version.

If you’re using Visual Studio Express for Windows 2013 (the only one currently available for download from MSDN,) you’ll need to target the 8.1 SDK and have Windows 8.1 installed as 2013 Express does not support 8.0.

Then, in Visual Studio, you will need to ensure you are targeting the ARM architecture and deploying to Remote Machine. On the Surface RT, make sure you install Remote Tools Debugger, also available from MS for free.

For Surface Pro and desktop Windows 8 machines, including debug builds on your main development machine, target x86 as Unity does not currently support x64.