Do I have copyright permission to publish screenshots that contain assets I have downloaded?


I have created a virtual environment using assets which I have either purchased or obtained for free from the asset store. I have used the environments as part of a VR study for university. My question relates to the copyright permissions in terms of publishing screenshots as part of my work.

I assume this would be similar to someone putting screenshots in a magazine to advertise their game. Does the licence agreement provide permission for this?


Most likely - yes, but “single license” doesn’t exists for all packages you might find on assets store, so to be sure on 100% you’ll need to read license/eula for each package (if they got one), there are tons of different licenses and they might require you, for example, to mention where did you got them or something like that in the description (someone could theoretically add a clause that won’t permit screenshoting their assets, even though it might sound silly). If there are no license on them then you should be OK with them, but then again to be 100% sure you’d need to contact owner of assets as he/she own intellectual rights for it.

TBH I’ve seen licenses that doesn’t permit a use of assets in commercial projects and those that require you to give the credits to their owner/where did you got them, other than that I haven’t seen any other that would interfere with publishing screenshots. And also if that will be in some article don’t brag to be the developer or owner of those particular assets or that might get you into trouble as well.


  1. Read license/eula of each and every package of assets that you use.

  2. If there are no license/eula then go contact owner of that package so that you’ll have “electronically allowed permission” (aka reply) if he/she is OK with that, just in case (you might want to do that even if there is a license, just in case you’re really paranoid about that or can’t understand the license itself).