Do I have to get this serious? Is that a problem?

I got a Worldspace UV map script back than. The first from this page.
I get this error, but the script works: Instantiating mesh due to calling MeshFilter.mesh during edit mode. This will leak meshes. Please use MeshFilter.sharedMesh instead.

I tried to use sharedMesh (error gone), but if I modified one mesh with the script, other mesh’s UV map also modified. Do I have to do something with it, or leave it as it is and ignore the error?

I have the solution that works for me which will probably help you as the uvs are now independent.

 var go:GameObject = new GameObject("new Game Object");
  var mesh:Mesh = new Mesh();
  go.GetComponent(MeshFilter).sharedMesh = mesh;
    mesh.vertices = newVertices;