Do I have to link Unity Services every time I load the project?

Every time I load my project and open the Services Window in the Editor I’m prompted to link up the project, even though I already did that several times:


Do I have to tell Unity the project ID everytime I load the Editor before I make a new build for Analytics to work? Or is the services window just needed if I want to make changes? It’s very irritating that the Unity Services window does not remember which organization and Project ID I selected previously.

It’s very hard to test this, because Analytics takes very long to process the data and it’s hard for me to identify which build is sending data.

I’m using Unity 5.3.1f1 Personal on Windows 7 (Editor) and Android (target platform).

Seconds after posting my comment, I found a solution linked below. I had my editor set to reopen the last opened project by default. Unticking this option has solved it for me!