Do I have to make a GUIStyle with each control??

Hi, I am newbie and I got some problem with this blow.
I want to change texture when hovering a button.
With only one button, I can change it with its GUIStyle.
What if I have more two buttons, do I have to create as many GUIStyle as buttons I create?
Anyone, please, answer me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

When you render buttons in one script, it’s trivial. Just do something like this (C#):

public GUIStyle gangnamStyle;

void OnGUI(){
GUI.Button(new Rect(0,50,30,40),"Button1",gangnamStyle);
GUI.Button(new Rect(60,50,30,40),"Button2",gangnamStyle);
GUI.Button(new Rect(120,50,30,40),"Button3",gangnamStyle);
GUI.Button(new Rect(180,50,30,40),"Button4",gangnamStyle);

When button drawing routines are spread over multiple scripts, you should consider using GUISkin.