Do I have to make a small size character if it's going to be small in game?

I’m modelling a custom character for a top-down camera style game (like Alien Swarm) and I was wondering if I could build it full/regular size and the Unity could… somehow short him up for the game? I’m still a rookie in modelling and even a bigger one working with engines so that’s why I’m asking. Should I make it small right from the start or full-size?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, i’m not sure if I fully understand your question, but is your problem changing his size in game? If you make your character full-size, and you find he is the wrong scale, you can use the Unity Editor options to scale and transform him. Sorry if this is not what you meant.

yes you can change the scale factor of the character once you import them in. by default unity puts everything you import at a scale factor of 0.01. however i would build him to scale to your other characters from the beginning so start with a normal character and then use that character’s mesh as a reference for your smaller character. it will save you the headache in the end.