do i need a database in warcraft like game?

basically i have already the character moving on a map but i cant figure out if a database is necessary for this game. I would like to i

nclude level up in my game an some items and questions and answer portions.

DO you think a database is needed?

p.s I would like also to put a save point.


I think you don’t quite understand what a ‘database’ is.

You will certainly need to keep player information - their score and progress is important. This isn’t a ‘database’, it’s just information. You can store that in a class and save it any way you like - a text file, XML, upload it to the web etc.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason to use a real database, unless you are storing all of the scores and progress in a central repository (such as a website) so players can compare their scores.

Otherwise, you just want to save a game.

Check out this answer - How to script a Save/Load game option - Unity Answers