Do I need a program like Blender3D or 3DSMAX to create objects and characters?

Hi there!

    I am a High School student currently learning Java script and C#. I have an assignment for IT which requires us to make a level for a video game as a demonstration/development show case for a full game. I've chosen unity to create this, and have been watching tutorials on YouTube. However upon watching these object and character creation tutorials they have been using 3rd party programs like Blender 3D or 3DSMAX. I'd prefer not too install these as it takes up a lot of room, but if it is really necessary than i guess i'll have too.

My questions are…

    Do i really need a 3rd party program like Blender3D or 3DSMax to create my characters and objects in unity or can i just do it directly from unity, if so is it easier with unity or a 3rd party program and finally if i do need a program like Blender3D or 3DSMax than which program will be the easiest to use and export and import between itself and unity.
Thanks guys, hope i get some help! :)

Unity can only make Native and Basic shapes, such as a cube, sphere, etc. I use Blender for all my projects, its a great open source program. So yes, you need to make your assets in a 3rd party program, as Unity is an Engine, not a modelling program.
As for exporting, there’s no real “easier” method. It just depends on the file format and compatibility. I suggest DAE or FBX when exporting to unity (always use FBX for characters, especially if they have animations. DAE screws them up sometimes).

Good luck with your project!

If you can build everything out of cubes, spheres, capsules and planes you could do this in Unity.

If you buy an Asset such as ProBuilder or GameDraw you can do this inside Unity - though for real modelling of characters GameDraw is the only choice and probably not a good one.

Normally you should use a 3rd party program like Blender (free), Maya, Cheetah or Max. You can also use Sketchup (though the models can require some adjustment)