Do I need to buy Pro license ?


I have a question about the unity licenses. In the licenses comparison, it’s written that the Pro license is necessary for commercial use only if the turnover in excess is over $100.000. The problem is I have to develop a game for another client who will sell the game on play store and app store and I don’t understand if I need to buy the license or if the client does (I have less than $100k but he does have more).

Forget the client for a moment. If you make more than $100k in a year you’ll need Pro, otherwise you can use free.

Now think about the client. What version of Unity do they want you to use? If they are happy publishing a game that has a Unity splash screen, then maybe you can use free for developing the game. This kind of thing is usually mentioned in the contract between you and the client. (“Developer will make game using Unity Pro and deliver executable to client for publishing”). Note that if the client doesn’t want a Unity splash screen, then you’ll need Pro and the iOS Pro and Android Pro add-ons, for $4500.

If you ship the Unity project to the client as the final deliverable, and they make the mobile executables then they will need the Pro tools. In which case you probably need the Pro tools too.

pro does not sound as bad as GMStudio Master edition for $800 but then if you get the correct plugins and assets for unity it sounds that can be cheaper and better by a long shot, but there will be D&D actions or gml so if you want to you have to choices learn programming and take the cheap way to go with unity or the expensive semi some what easier to learn GMStudio which does not support 3d. Oh and never will support 3d.