Do I need to buy unity pro?

Do I need the upgraded version of Unity? Or can I just buy the $75 for one month and then put my game on the market and then cancel my subscription? Do I need to have a subcription for as long as I am selling my game… or? I just don’t want branding on my game. “Made with unity.”

Hi, you can read more on the online store about the details.

A subscription runs for a minimum of 12 months.

"Can I make commercial games/content
with Unity Personal Edition?

Yes, if
you meet the requirements to use Unity
Personal Edition, mainly, that you did
not earn/receive more than $100,000 in
revenue/funding in the last fiscal
year. Please refer to our Software
License Agreement for further

You can use Personal edition until you earn 100,000$ then you must buy Pro.



From details of subscription:

A subscription runs for a minimum of 12 months and is available via the Online Store.

If you don’t want the “Made with unity” splash logo, then you have to buy Pro, either at once for $1500 or per subcription of $75/month for at least a year.