Do I need to include boundaries on my top down 2D game?

It’s a simple mobile game. You control a character that traverses around the screen killing enemies. The camera follows the player and enemy numbers are controlled using object pooling so there aren’t too many popping into existence in the scene.

I’m wondering if it would cause issues if I had no boundaries on this scene. Basically there are no constraints preventing the player from indefinitely travelling left to the x position of -1000000. Objects would only be active in the camera view and they would deactivate and get added back to the pool for use if they travel too far away from the camera view.

I wanted to create a seamless movement experience. I don’t want the player to bring up solid on a wall if they continue to move left, and I also didn’t want to just loop the player back to the right side of the screen and have enemies just randomly pop into existence since the camera is following the player.

Any advice / tips / tricks? Thanks in advance!

Yeah, you need a boundries arrount the movable area
Add just BoxCollider and rigid body ( tick is kinematic so that it will not affected by other colliders ) to all four sides.